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“Together in the Attitude is Altitude Social Emotional Learning Curriculum, we will learn mindsets, perspectives, and understanding for crucial pillars that will help us all build a sound and sure future.” - Nick Vujicic

AIA stands for “Attitude is Altitude.” It is a breakthrough K-12 curriculum that focuses on Social and Emotional Learning, positivity and anti-bullying. Nick Vujicic, a world-renowned Motivational Speaker, launched the initiative to help guide and inspire students with Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) after experiencing a childhood of hardship due to bullying. He has worked with educational professionals to develop a curriculum that not only aligns with CASEL, but is easy to use by teachers.

Grades K-2 curriculum is available as a Classroom Kit. Grades 3-12 curriculum is delivered digitally for both the teachers and the students.

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The History of AIA

The story of Attitude is Altitude cannot be told without the story of its visionary and creator, Nick Vujicic. Having travelled the globe as an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, he discovered that every human being is longing for pillars of hope, purpose and happiness. Nick understood that many of today’s youth lack positive role models, while teachers struggle to bring to fruition their desire for their students’ success in and out of the classroom. Nick saw the answer in a comprehensive K-12 program of Social and Emotional Learning, positivity and hope.

About Nick Vujicic

Nickolas Vujicic is an accomplished author; having published several books, and has spoken over 3,000 times in more than 57 countries. Nick’s passion for positivity and inspiring positive change led him to become involved with Altitude is Attitude, united with educators by a desire to create a positive bully-free learning environment bolstered by mutual understanding, empathy and persistence.

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According to CASEL, every $1 spent on SEL has an economic return of $11. AIA is an investment in educators, children, and the future, with a return of better understanding, more collaboration and a more successful, inclusive learning environment.

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