Meet Nick Vujicic

NYT Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur

Born without limbs for no medical reason, Nick Vujicic knew from an early age that he was different. As a child, Nick faced bullying and would go home feeling that he was a failure. At age 10, his depression led him to try drowning himself. He came to understand, though, that he was his greatest discourager, he was loved, and he did have hope for a meaningful, beautiful life. 

After overcoming ignorance and discrimination to build what he calls a “ridiculously good” life, he realized his mission: to use his“disability” to start conversations that change lives. Through his public speaking and initiating AIA, Nick wishes to inspire students to be their own greatest encourager and friend and to show kindness towards one another. He desires them to have hope, to feel loved and to show gratitude.

Nick has spoken over 3,000 times in more than 57 countries on topics as varied as bullying, inspiring positive change, persistence and determinations and his own life story. No matter where he goes, he communicates one core message—that no matter your circumstance, you can overcome!

Nick is the author of several books including:

Nick Shares the Meaning of "Attitude is altitude" to High Schoolers

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Nick’s Impact in Education

Nick Vujicic launched AIA to help guide and inspire students with Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) after being inspired by his own childhood of hardship due to bullying, isolation and depression. He has worked with educational professionals to develop a curriculum that not only aligns with CASEL, but is easy to use by teachers.

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According to CASEL, every $1 spent on SEL has an economic return of $11. AIA is an investment in educators, children, and the future, with a return of better understanding, more collaboration and a more successful, inclusive learning environment.

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