Nick Vujicic’s

Attitude is Altitude

Social and Emotional Learning
Curriculum for Grades K – 12

What is AIA?

“In this curriculum, you’ll be inspired, challenged, and moved to be the best YOU that you can be—to love yourself, love others, and make responsible decisions.” - Nick Vujicic

AIA stands for Nick Vujicic’s Attitude is Altitude Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum. AIA is a CASEL-aligned, holistically integrated curriculum designed to meet the needs of the whole-child actively and digitally.

Nick Vujicic,a world-renowned motivational speaker, launched the initiative to help guide and inspire students with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) after experiencing a childhood of hardship due to bullying.

He developed AIA with a diverse team of educators with leadership and teaching experience in elementary, middle and high school in rural, urban and suburban as well as traditional and online school settings throughout the United States and beyond.

What is Social and Emotional Learning?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a teaching and learning approach that involves a process through which children and adults learn to understand and manage emotions, and channel those emotions to achieve goals, develop and show empathy for others and maintain positive, healthy relationships that lead to a lifetime of responsible decisions, success and fulfillment.

About the AIA Experience

AIA is a comprehensive learning experience that includes a curriculum where students learn and repeatedly practice practical SEL skills, known as the Noble Techniques, that help them shift to be confident, proactive, respectful, compassionate students who develop healthy relationships and make responsible decisions. This experience is built upon an intentional implementation approach.

AIA Curriculum is written in grade bands, and organized by SEL learning targets as chapters. Each of the five core competencies are interwoven throughout each chapter, never being taught in isolation. The theme of the curriculum is to “Be the Author of Your Own Life.”

To learn more about the Noble Shifts, Actions and Techniques, click here.

Grades K-2 curriculum is available as a Classroom Kit. Grades 3-12 curriculum is delivered digitally for both the teachers and the students.

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Meet Nick Vujicic

“Remember, positive change in the world starts when we ALL come together and do our best to make our school a better place.”

Nick Vujicic’s influence is felt throughout and sets apart the AIA curriculum. As a successful inspirational speaker who has faced physical, social, and emotional challenges in every phase of his life, Nick’s life-affirming, positive and hopeful approach makes teachers and students naturally gravitate to his message. His story is relatable, strong, and most of all, very human. Nick, as a guide throughout the AIA experience, leads a program that is proven to raise academic results with a strong focus on the cross-curricular, with writing as well as reading, language arts, math, social studies, science, technology, yoga and the arts.

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AIA by the Numbers

In 91 schools
across the USA
90% of educators
report positive improvement
86% of students
find inspiration in AIA

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According to CASEL, every $1 spent on SEL has an economic return of $11. AIA is an investment in educators, children, and the future, with a return of better understanding, more collaboration and a more successful, inclusive learning environment.

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