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Introduction Videos

0.1  Positive Pieces: Social-Emotional Learning and Student Well-being: Why SEL Matters 

0.1 SEL Competencies Designed by Our Students

0.1 An Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning 

0.1 See the Purpose

Unit 1



1.1 Why Do We Have Feelings?

1.1 Identifying Our Emotions

1.1 "How Do You Feel?"

Teaching Emotional IQ at School

1.2 Self-Awareness

1.2 The Importance of Self-Perception

1.2 You Are What You Believe

1.2 How to Write an Autobiography

1.3 The Treasure Tree Chapter 1

1.3 The Treasure Tree Chapter 2

1.3 The Treasure Tree Chapter 3

1.3 The Treasure Tree Chapter 4

1.3 The Treasure Tree Chapter 5

1.3 The Treasure Tree Chapter 6

1.4 Appearance Ideals

1.4 Challenging Appearance Ideals

1.5 Importance of Self-Efficacy

1.5 Setting SMART Goals - Students

Unit 2



2.1 LearnStorm Growth Mindset: The Truth About Your Brain

2.1 Goal Setting Growth Mindset

2.3 The WOOP Exercise

2.3 15 Habits All Successful People Have

2.4 Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

2.4 Why the teenage brain has an evolutionary advantage

2.4 The Workings of the Adolescent Brain

2.5 ReachOut Parents: Understanding Stress

2.6 Becoming an Organized Student

Unit 3



3.3 What is Empathy?

3.3 Offer Empathy

3.3 The Importance of Empathy

3.3 Excerpt from Cinderella

3.3 Brené Brown on Empathy

3.4 We Are All Different - and That's Awesome!

Unit 4



4.2 Teamwork


4.4 Question the Herd


Unit 5



5.2 Broken Escalator

5.2 History: Bet You Didn’t Know - March on Washington

5.4 Famous Failures

5.4 Pathway Transformation Initiative - Growth Mindset

5.4 Fail Your Way to Success

Unit 6




6.1 What are the World's Biggest Problems?

6.2 Changing the World Starts with You

6.3 Helping Students Identify Fake News with the Five C’s of Critical Consuming

Unit 7




7.1 12 /14/86: Oprah

Unit 8




8.2 Brainstorming: We Are Doing It Wrong

Unit 9




Unit 10